Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery

The adipose tissue contains a large volume of medicinal signaling cells and enables considerable revitalization and rejuvenation of various parts of the body, such as the skin of the face and hands. This minimally-invasive and single-stage procedure does not require the prolonged multiplication of cells under laboratory conditions and the result is visible immediately.

The therapy is intended for middle-aged people in whom the decrease in the volume of fat tissue, a minor degree of tissue ptosis and a decrease in tension are observed. The procedure results in a younger look, improvement of the face outline and restoration of tissue volume in the desired areas.

This method may be used in the face area, for breast augmentation and gluteoplasty, calf modeling and rejuvenation of the back of the hand, as well as in the treatment of poorly healing wounds. During the procedure fat tissue is collected from a selected area and, following its short processing, the final preparation is injected into the subcutaneous tissue. Adipose medicinal signaling cells improves blood supply, adds volume and has nutritious and anti-inflammatory properties. The procedure may be performed under local anesthesia or, in the case of more sensitive patients, under intravenous anesthesia. Possible minimal post-procedure swelling which may occur and remain for 48 hours.


Transplantation of own processed fat tissue, with no risk of rejection

Local anesthesia - following the procedure the patient is discharged immediately

No swelling or bruises

Skin surface is nourished and regenerated Long-lasting effect