Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Medicinal signaling cells have the unique ability to transform into specialized cells of every tissue of the body; due to their anti-inflammatory properties, they create suitable conditions for tissue regeneration. The adipose tissue medicinal signaling cells special patented technology allows the collection of millions of medicinal signaling cells through fine-needle liposuction and may therefore be used in regenerative therapy aimed at the reconstruction of destroyed tissue. The methods used so far did not enable the collection of such a high volume of cells or required several weeks of cell culture under laboratory conditions, which restricted the clinical  application of such methods.

During the same day procedure fat tissue is collected from a selected area and, following its short processing, the final preparation is injected into the affected region of the body. The implanted preparation enhances natural regeneration processes of the body. The procedure may be performed under local anesthesia or, in the case of more sensitive patients, under intravenous anesthesia.

One of the main advantages of this method is its minimally-invasive and single-stage nature (multiplication of cells in the laboratory is not required) and the non-traumatic procedure. The same day micro-fat transfer procedure does not require hospitalization and the patient may be discharged home within several hours after surgery.

Main Indications:

Degenerative lesions of joints and tendons,

Enthesopathy (i.e. tennis/ golfer’s elbow and jumper’s knee),

Reconstruction of bone and cartilage tissues