The Benefits

Your fat tissue contains the most abundant source of medicinal signaling cells (MSCs) in your body—which have the ability to decrease inflammation, repair or replace damaged tissue while stimulating new blood vessel growth for improved blood flow.

These cells work not only to target your symptoms, but to address the underlying injury or cause of the chronic condition for lasting healing and relief. Using your own medicinal signaling cells, we are able to put your body’s own natural biology and healing capabilities to work for you.


The medicinal signaling cells stored in your body fat could be likened to small “physicians” who diagnose and correct individual areas of the body in need of special attention. Because medicinal signaling cells have the capacity to detect changes in the body which are causing pain or dysfunction, they respond and communicate with the body’s needs to provide the correct tools needed for healing. These cells are commonly referred to as “repair cells” for their ability to heal injured organs or body parts, their primary functions being:

Accelerated tissue repair

Stimulated tissue regeneration

Decreased inflammation

Prevention of further cell death

Creation of new blood vessels

Re-introducing your own medicinal signaling cells into an injured area of the body—be it a joint, damaged heart or other tissue—can stimulate new blood flow in these areas while reducing inflammation.